Catapulting into Classical

A headlong leap into music, history, and composing


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Welcome!  I hope you’ll join me on a random walk through classical music and music history and be entertained by my escapades in learning to play the piano, sing, and compose.

Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, says, “Everybody loves classical music; they just haven’t found out about it yet.” I’m still finding out, and I’d like to share what I find with you.

This is the best time to get acquainted, or better acquainted, with classical music.  More of this music, in both recorded and score form, is available right now for free or low cost than at any other time in history.  There is more learning material available to better understand the music.  There are more live performances available.  I’m excited to tell you about the resources I have found, and the things I have learned, and send you off exploring on your own.  Maybe you’ll report back about some music you’ve found—and I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

I’m not an expert, far from it.  But I’m an enthusiastic researcher and learner, and I want this to be a venue for saying, “Hey, look what I found!  Isn’t this cool?”  There’s a whole world of music out there just waiting for us.

So let’s go!

Here is Benjamin Zander’s TED talk on classical music.

Oh, and make sure you read the Terms of Use—they’re more entertaining than they sound, and there’s important stuff there you need to know.  Thanks!


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