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I saw this video on Sinfini Music and had to share it.  It is visualization of the first prelude and fugue from the first book of Bach’s Well Tempered ClavierRead the full article about the video here [Postscript: regrettably, these links are no longer available; Sinfini Music has been acquired by Deutsche Grammophon].

The Well-Tempered Clavier (BWV 846–893) is a set of preludes and fugues written in all 24 keys, major and minor.  As if this weren’t enough, Bach added a second book of 24, making what is now known as “the 48.”  I’ve mentioned this work before; MuseScore has made the score and a recording available in the Open Well Tempered Clavier project.

The video below is not of an actual installation, it is done with computer graphics.  Mind. blown.

I especially like how you can follow the different voices in the fugue in the lights set at different distances.

And here is the prelude and fugue.


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  1. Mesmerizing.


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