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Ear training, music theory, bonus points, and Toki Pona

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I just found another website that may be helpful in learning ear training, music rudiments, composers, and, if you so inclined, a language or two (can’t help it, I’m an inveterate linguist).

It’s  Their “courses” are set up like flash cards (with audio where appropriate).  The system keeps track of what you get wrong and what you get right and drills accordingly, incrementally adding new information.  You set up a free account, and take your pick of any number of courses.

The music courses include note identification (reading), interval training, pitch identification, scales and chords, music theory, composers, music terms, and “Who Composed Me?”.  There are also courses for the ABRSM exams, British school exams on one’s knowledge of music rudiments.  That’s just the music part.  There are courses devoted to languages, programming, art history, math, science, and law, just to name a few areas of study.

Their goal is to make learning fun.  You get points for correct answers, so the competitive among us (who, me?) risk getting a little carried away.  But it’s better to keep coming back and doing a little, rather than trying to cram, you’ll get further faster.  I have used this approach in language learning in Duolingo and Mango (Mango is typically available through libraries), and it does work.  It’s worth noting that Memrise co-founder and CEO Ed Cooke studied cognitive science.

There is also a users forum or community in which you may wish to participate.  You may even choose to create a course if you’d like.

So, is there an app for that?  Yes, via Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store.  Sorry, no Window phone app available.

Give it a try and let us all know what you think.  I’m working on pitch recognition, ear training (intervals), and, off-topic, “Who Painted Me?” at the moment.  And maybe I’ll try my hand at the constructed language Toki Pona, since, oddly, that’s how I found this website in the first place!

One thought on “Ear training, music theory, bonus points, and Toki Pona

  1. Thanks, Chris! This is a good start- I’ll pass it along later to the group! Thanks so much for these recent emails- great timing!



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