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Haiku Wednesday: Classical Music at 3AM from Sweden? Sure, why not!

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Broadcast tower with globe002Music spans the globe
Concerts happen day and night
Find them all right here

The World Concert Hall is a site where you can find free radio concerts and classical radio stations all over the world.  Via the site you can stream live concerts and check the schedule to see what will be playing when you’re available.  Or just listen to a classical music radio station—in Russia.

Today, for example, you can hear concerts of Schumann and Schubert from Espoo, Finland, Tchaikovsky from Moscow, and Nielsen from Stockholm.  Later there will be broadcasts from Budapest and Barcelona, and programs featuring Bach, Birtwistle, Britten, and Brahms.

Screen shot of World Concert Hall website:

Screen shot of World Concert Hall website.

Tap the Schedule piano key tab to see today’s offerings, or tap the Channels key to see a world map and pick a specific country.  You can then see what classical music live radio stations can be streamed to your computer (keen to practice your Danish? Estonian? Language lover’s delight!).  The Halls key also provides a world map.  Picking a region gives you a list of countries, and once picked you can see which halls offer concerts and their schedules (in case you need to know what’s on at La Scala).

The World Concert Hall can be accessed on mobile devices, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and via RSS feed (warning:  lots of posts).  See the site for details.

Your day just got a lot more interesting.



Image attributions:  Globe image via Wikimedia Commons.


One thought on “Haiku Wednesday: Classical Music at 3AM from Sweden? Sure, why not!

  1. Way neat! Thanks lots, Chris!



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