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Black Friday Shopping? Have/had enough?


Today throngs of American shoppers are doing their holiday shopping.  Whether you are among them, or returning, triumphant, from your foray, or deciding to opt out entirely … or even if none of this applies to you, some soothing music would probably be welcome.  Here is Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau with an aria from Bach cantata BVW 82, Ich habe genug.

For the entire cantata (24 minutes), click here.


3 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping? Have/had enough?

  1. Thanks- we all needed that. I’ve already had Genug. I don’t love the recording, great as F-D is; the obligato playing seems a little edgy, too present, and not as comforting as it should be. I’ll hunt for others. I still remember a performance by Katherine Needleman and Bill Sharp at Peabody several years ago- fabulous!

    Thanks, hugs-



  2. I give thanks for such beautiful music, so easily found (by clicking on your blog) and enjoyed over breakfast. Fantastic.


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