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Classical Music Bargain Bonanza


For my birthday I recently treated myself to an array of digital music.  It may take me until my next birthday to listen to it all, but it won’t take me a year to pay for it all.  Let me tell you what I got.

The following were purchased for a mere 99 cents each. Really.

Big Baroque Choral Box (8 hours of music)

Big Beethoven Box (15+ hours of music)

Chopin Piano Works (11+ hours of music)

Big Haydn Symphonies Box (9+ hours of music)

Haydn: Complete Keyboard Sonatas (10+ hours of music)

Mozart: Complete Symphonies (12+ hours of music)

Mozart: Complete String Quartets and Quintets (10+ hours of music)

Mozart: Complete Works for Solo Piano (8+ hours of music)

Rachmaninoff: Complete Symphonies, Piano Concertos, and Orchestral Works (8 hours of music)

Big Schumann Box (10+ hours of music)

That’s ten bucks, folks.  I know, big spender.  For over 100 hours of music.

These are solid performances.  And a great (cheap) entry point, especially if you’re just starting out.

Realize you don’t like Rachmaninoff? It’s ok, you’re only out 99 cents.

Once I’ve identified can’t-live-without pieces, I can investigate other recordings to see if there are other performances I should hear, not to mention live performances.

Amazon’s digital music department offers an array of these Bach Guild recordings.  The Bach Guild has a presence on Facebook and they regularly announce their upcoming releases.

Don’t feel left out if your favorite instrument hasn’t been mentioned: there’s also A Big Winds and Brass Box, the Little Big Oboe Box, the Big Guitar Box and more.

Ok, so I did “splurge” on a couple items, but even these will not break the bank:

Beethoven: Complete String Quartets by the Suske Quartet ($8.99)

Monteverdi: Complete Operas ($8.99)

Schubert: Complete String Quartets by the Taneyev Quartet ($4.49)

After listening to the late string quartets of Beethoven (by the Takács Quartet) and Schubert (by the Emerson String Quartet), I had to find out what else there was to hear with these fine recordings.

And now, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll pull out my new Bose headphones, and lose myself in some music.


3 thoughts on “Classical Music Bargain Bonanza

  1. Wow! Amazing what’s available, and for how little (even less than the composers made on it in their lifetimes).




  2. So cool! What a great birthday gift! I’m curious who the pianists are for the Haydn Piano Sonatas . . .


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