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Free Webcasts: Brahms Symphony No 1 and No 2


Photograph of young Brahms with red hedgehog superimposed on shoulder

There’s still a chance to see the DSO’s BrahmsFest mascots, the adventurous red hedgehogs, at the DSO’s free live webcast tonight, 19 February 2016, and Sunday, 21 February 2016.

Oh yeah, you can also see Symphony No 1 (Friday) and Symphony No 2 (Sunday).

You can see the webcast at tonight, 19 February 2016, at 8 PM EST and Sunday, 21 February 2016 at 3 PM EST.  Friday’s program will also include the Academic Festival Overture and Serenade No 2.   Sunday’s program will feature Symphony No 2 and Serenade No 1.

Why the red hedgehogs?  Because Brahms used to hang out at Zum Roten Igel, The Red Hedgehog, his favorite pub in Vienna.

Have a good weekend!


Image attributions

Johannes Brahms, 1853.  Public domain.

Hedgehog, via


2 thoughts on “Free Webcasts: Brahms Symphony No 1 and No 2

  1. Well- I had to hunt for a while to find the hedgehogs; there are far too many, and a few are red-ish (I always assumed that was merely an expression). Sort of cute, but actually probably ill-tempered rodents, with mean little eyes and sharp, pointy teeth (though perhaps not as nasty as honey badgers). Brahms would invite his friends to “dine with the two pricklies.” So they really have them at the DSO- no wonder the DSO is in trouble.




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