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Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate, I’m pointing you toward a fantastic resource.  Blogger ulyssesstone has put together a blog post “1200 Years of Women Composers: From Hildegard to Higdon.”  The post includes links to the Wikipedia articles for a long list of female composers.  He also has created a Spotify playlist of works of women composers in chronological order.  So if you’re a Spotify user, you have over 64 hours of music spanning centuries awaiting you.

Yes, women write music.

One thought on “Celebrating International Women’s Day

  1. Yes! Great selections for starters, Chris. Hildegard is a remarkable figure in so many ways, and her work is amazingly expressive, complex and florid for its time. Clara is a major figure, IMO; Fanny very much in the shadow of Felix (and suffering in esteem and opportunities due to “women’s place” issues). For the next set, I’d also suggest including one or two of the fine Italian madrigalists, like Barbara Strozzi; and for sure such superb composers as Amy Chaney Beach and Lili Boulanger. And many fine women composers closer to our time, now that career opportunities are vastly improved. I’ve just completed the latest edition of one of my anthologies, and have been spending very happy time with some of the great women composers, looking to increasing their presence in the upcoming edition- what a pleasure!



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