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There’s Always Another Way


Highlighting the fact that there are no obstacles, only opportunities, here is today’s special video on Allegri’s Miserere

I hope you enjoyed that (of course, if you want to hear the whole Miserere, this time without elemental assistance and much more serious, you can find it here).

If you’re at the Catapulting into Classical website on 1 April, you’ve already seen my modified header illustration.  If not, here is a link to my special edition, uniquely overpopulated header.

And it wouldn’t be April Fools’ Day without a little PDQ Bach, this time proving the point that there is always another way to play an instrument.  Here is a little known, less understood piece of virtuosic writing, the Sonata for Viola 4 Hands and Harpsichord, Schickele number S 440.

And if that only whetted your appetite for more PDQ Bach (I’m sorry), may I suggest this vintage recording of the Konzertschtick for Two Violins mit Orchestra, featuring soloists Peter Schickele and Itzhak Perlman (really).  Oh, and John Williams is conducting.  Schickele’s violin technique can only be described as…creative.

Enjoy your day!

PS.  Yes, that’s supposed to be Feynman, with Feynman diagrams on the bongos–it’s hard to draw them that small.

PSS. Yes, the bassoon player is surrounded by reed shavings.  Well, just because.

4 thoughts on “There’s Always Another Way

  1. Too funny- well done! We’ll have to seriously consider the helium cure for those high Bb’s in I Was Glad. And Perlman is such a scamp…


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  2. I recognized Feynman’s technique immediately. Nice Santa carrying the Moses staff. Or is that Lully? Or maybe Der Wanderer, hmmmm . . . .

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    • I was aiming for the Where’s Waldo guy (Wally in the UK), since he usually appears in a cast of thousands, but my rendering is wobbly (and his hat colors are backwards). How does one put a shirt on a stick figure? But now that you mention it, he does have that Wanderstab, doesn’t he! Picturing Lully with a staff might be insult to injury…


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