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As Seen on Twitter: Orlando Gibbons and More

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Pietro Filippo Scarlatti … no, I can’t do that to you.  Two Scarlattis is enough for one week!

I saw this zigzagging Orlando Gibbons manuscript on Twitter.

Wow. Seriously, dude?

I couldn’t help but think, “This has more chevrons than a crocheted afghan from the 1970s.”

crocheted afghan with chevrons

The manuscript shows the ground The Queen’s Command (MB 28).  You’ll hear all those zigzags if you listen to the recording.


It’s amazing who you can find on Twitter.  In addition to the @gibbonsorlando you can follow @Beethoven_____ , @mozart____ , @clementi_muzio , and @Frankiejhaydn just to name a few.  They can be very entertaining, so check it out! No Twitter account is needed to view the links.  If you go exploring on Twitter, you might find other spoof accounts for classical composers too, but some that I found are absolutely Not Safe For Work (and do not hew to history as such), so be forewarned.

You might want to check if your favorite living artists are there too.  Itzhak @PerlmanOfficial has a Twitter feed, for example. Look for the check mark indicating verified (official) accounts.

If you like what you see and decide to set up your own Twitter account, please consider following me, @CintoClassical .  Thanks!


One thought on “As Seen on Twitter: Orlando Gibbons and More

  1. OK, SUDDENLY, as a result of this post, I understand the pull of Twitter. The @mozart_____ is hilarious and a clever use of the medium. I may have to create an account so I can have this stuff injected into my inbox.

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