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Haiku Wednesday: Through the Ages

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Adult stick figure teaching singing to child stick figure

The song will live on
Long after the hair is gray,
After silence falls.

For music endures,
And with it, memories of
Writer, singer, all.

The babe’s lullaby,
The buoyant songs of our youth
Remembered, we smile.

Sing and teach your songs;
Someday ‘neath other moons, stars,
Your song will live on.

I received a quite extraordinary, wonderful, and unexpected Mother’s Day gift last Sunday.  One of my children memorized and sang the four verses of my college class song, Bread and Roses.

For those who don’t know the song, Bread and Roses was originally a poem inspired by a worker’s rights protest led mostly by womenHere is a stirring rendition of Bread and Roses from the movie Pride.

This gift had so many dimensions of meaning for me.  I have long told stories of the strong and irrepressible women in our family’s history (a blog in itself!), and of my time as a student at Bryn Mawr College. It also recognized my love of music and creativity.  The beauty of that a cappella solo performance will remain with me always.

When my children were infants, I have no doubt that Bread and Roses was one of the countless songs I hummed softly as I went marching, marching, trying to persuade them to sleep.

And the song lives on.

Now, go forth and sing!


Image attribution: Drawing by C. Gallant, 2016.


One thought on “Haiku Wednesday: Through the Ages

  1. Gorgeous post. Thank you for sharing this.


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