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Where To Find Other Chamber Music Players

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Image: stick figure musicians overrun castle

What do you do if you’re an amateur musician, and you’ve decided that this getting together and making music thing I mentioned yesterday sounds like a pretty good idea, but you’re a cello short of a quartet?  Or you’re low, because there’s no oboe.  Or you need that sweet sound of an alto sax.

There’s a solution!

Visit the Amateur Chamber Music Players webpage and become a member.  They have a directory of thousands of amateur musicians around the globe who would love to get together with you and make some music.  That’s right, around the globe.  So pack your mandolin, bassoon, accordion, or whatever you have, or just your vocal cords if you’re a singer, and get ready for a road trip–or a trip around the corner.

With much thanks to Tom Benjamin for telling me about this fantastic resource.


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