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Haiku Wednesday: Autumn and Vivaldi

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A Wooded Path in Autumn, painting by H. A. Brendekilde, 1902

Fall paints its portrait.
The backdrop sky, so blue, and
Clouds, the brightest white.

Leaves start to transform,
Red, orange, yellow, and brown,
The painter’s palette.

Some leaves, still green yet,
Cling to dark branches dotted
With bright red berries.

The crisp autumn wind
Flutters leaves like brush strokes and
Carries them away.

Caught in the light breeze,
They sign the painter’s name as
They float to the ground.

When I think of autumn and music, the piece that first comes to mind is Autumn from Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

Here is Autumn played by Frederieke Saejis on the Guarneri “Ex-Reine Elisabeth” violin with the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra.  The words that appear in the video refer to the poem that Vivaldi included with the composition for each season.


Rapper Mo Trip (website) has used Autumn in his song So Wie Du Bist [The Way You Are], which you can see at the beginning of this video on Das Vivaldi ExperimentThe English translation of the German words can be found hereEducational materials have also been prepared as part of Das Vivaldi Experiment to introduce German-speaking schoolchildren to Vivaldi.  Ausgezeichnet! [Excellent!]

Image attribution: A Wooded Path in Autumn (1902) by Hans Andersen Brendekilde [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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