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Haiku Wednesday: The Marching Band, A True Story

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Aunt Esther exclaimed,
“The high school band’s going by!
Run to the window!”

Now, Aunt Esther is
Not a pillar of wisdom,
…But let’s see the band!

I pictured the horns
Gleaming in the bright sunshine
Blaring to the world.

I felt the drum beat,
The rhythm of marching feet
Proudly passing by.

I heard the tinkling
Of a jaunty xylophone
Or a glockenspiel.

And so we stood there,
Craning necks expectantly…
Then buses went by.

…And she walked away,
Leaving me confused, asking,
“Hey, wait–where’s the band?”

“Oh, they’re heading off
To a state competition
Fifty miles away.

“The newspaper said
They were leaving at this time,
I knew they’d go by.”

Wait; seriously?
Not even a trombone slide
Out the bus window?

Gee, thanks, Aunt Esther.
At least I got to hear them
Playing in my mind.

And now, let’s hear marching bands portrayed by an orchestra.  Here is Charles Ives‘s Putnam’s Camp, Redding, Connecticut, the second movement from Three Places in New England.

One thought on “Haiku Wednesday: The Marching Band, A True Story

  1. Nice! Lovely little vignette. And that Ives movement is of course marvelous- probably my favorite among all his pieces. He did love a parade, and a rollicking good tune (“Booth led boldly with his big bass drum…”).



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