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Got Five Minutes?  Barenboim on YouTube

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Analog clock face with hands separated by a five minute intervalGot five minutes?

Pianist Daniel Barenboim has created a series of five-minute YouTube videos on works by Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, and Liszt, as well as introductions to harmony and other elements of music.  Here is his video “How to listen to music.”  Here is my favorite quote from this video:

“Hang on to the first note, and you fly with the music until the last note. 
And the amount of pleasure that you will get out of that is absolutely unique”

For the entire list of 5-minute videos (and more), see Daniel Barenboim’s YouTube channel.

Got a little more time?  How about this:

Vanderbilt University has a number of lectures on classical music

Or you can listen to the lectures in Yale’s “Listening to Music” class:

Thanks to friend and reader weemspiano for telling me about the Barenboim videos.




Image attribution: Clock photograph by C. Gallant, 2016.


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