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Haiku Wednesday: Thanksgiving

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Cornucopia with fruit, vegetables, and sunflowers

‘Tis a gift to be
Simple; ‘tis a gift to be
Free.  And ‘tis a gift
To come down again
Where we are meant to be.  And
We will find ourselves
In the place just right:
The valley of love, delight.
Turn; we’ll come round right.

Tomorrow in the United States Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving.  For those who don’t know the story of the first Thanksgiving, people that we call the Pilgrims came to America hoping to start a new life in 1620.  Half of them died during the first winter.  The following year at harvest time the survivors had a great feast with their neighbors, the Native Americans of the region.

Thinking about this holiday and the music of America, Aaron Copland came to mind.  His Appalachian Spring includes an American folk tune, the Shaker song Simple Gifts, the words of which are paraphrased in the haiku above.

Today’s video is the portion of Appalachian Spring that uses Simple Gifts as a theme.  The ballet performed to Copland’s music was choreographed by Martha Graham.  This performance was filmed in 1959.

No matter where you are, I hope you will enjoy the company of family, friends, and colleagues tomorrow, and perhaps give a thought to what you are thankful for.




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One thought on “Haiku Wednesday: Thanksgiving

  1. My father was a fan of 20th Century classical music, and Appalachian Spring was a central feature of the soundtrack of my childhood. When we sing Simple Gifts as a hymn in our Unitarian Universalist congregation, and when I hear Appalachian Spring, I’m “catapulted” (to use a certain word) back to the best moments of my childhood. I give thanks for that. And, also, thank YOU for this wonderful blog!!

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