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Bach’s Blahs Busters


Miniature of 'The Spanish Dance'; from Códice de trajes, Germany, 1547.

Gettin’ gigue-y wit’ it

Hey, ready to start another fine workweek?

Me neither.

Whether it’s the Monday blahs, a rainy day, or feeling like you didn’t get enough sleep (or all three), sometimes we all need a little kickstart.

You know what we need?  Some Bach.  Immediately.  Better than caffeine.

My first prescription is the Gigue Fugue (Fugue in G Major, BWV 577).  You may know I’m a fan of the fugue (see here and here …and here), but this one is special.  You see, you get to dance the fugue. Check out Matthias Havinga having a great time with this fugue.  His playing is brilliant!

Feel a little better?  I hope so.

If you need a little pick-me-up later, here’s the Great Fugue in G Minor (BWV 542) performed by Cameron Carpenter.  Ever see someone play three keyboards with two hands?  Look for it.  And more dancing!

If you’d prefer a more subdued, half-caf version, you can watch this colorful graphical representation of the score, which will help you see how all those notes repeat and interweave.

I hope you have a wonderful day!





7 thoughts on “Bach’s Blahs Busters

  1. Great choices, Chris! These days, we need all the uplifting music we can possibly get. Marvelous performances- some folks might object that the Carpenter performance is pretty romanticized and played on too many manuals, I suspect mainly to show off- but why not? Sheer virtuosity is fun, and he’s remarkable technically.



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  2. that second video is just incredible!!!

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  3. Thanks for posting! I’ve never been able to keep track of all the themes in Bach’s fugues but that second video with the graphic makes it happen! Also gives you a greater appreciation for how complex the music is and how amazing his mind must have been.

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  4. I am back tracking in this wonderful site and came upon the “great fugue” with the rolling visual representation of the music. When I Listen to music I often like to visualize it in various ways. Had great fun with this.

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