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A Major for Morning and Evening

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Frederic Chopin

I felt like a little something in A major today, something bright, energetic.

I think I found just the thing:  Chopin’s “Military” Polonaise in A Major, Op. 40 No 1.

Chopin composed it in 1838.  Pianist Arthur Rubinstein described this polonaise as “the symbol of Polish glory.”1

Here is a video of pianist Rafał Blechacz playing the Polonaise in A MajorBlechacz won the 15th International Chopin Piano Competition in 2005, not only taking the First Prize, but also the polonaise, mazurka, sonata, and concerto prizes.2

I realize some of you may be reading this at night.  Was that a little too intense for evening?

Johannes BrahmsI think I found just the thing: Brahms’s Intermezzo in A Major from Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 118, No 2.  Brahms finished the Six Pieces in 1893, and they are dedicated to Clara Schumann.3

I hope you will enjoy this video of pianist Boris Giltburg performing the Brahms Intermezzo in A Major.  Check out Boris Giltburg’s blog, Classical Music for All, right here on WordPress, and you can find his official webpage here.




Image attribution: Drawing of Chopin by Maria Wodzińska (Own work copied by Nihil novi), [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,; photograph of Johannes Brahms by C. Brasch, Berlin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


One thought on “A Major for Morning and Evening

  1. So glad you included the Brahms- one of my (and everyone’s) favorite Intermezzi. To my taste, the Chopin, while marvelous of course, is so bombastic I can’t love it. Is there any great patriotic music, or are those notions mutually exclusive? Sure as hell not _Wellington’s Victory_… or the _1812, _fun and silly as that is.



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