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Classical Hand Washing Help


Guidonian Hand

Everyone has been advised to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.  A good way to make sure you’re doing it long enough is by singing song lyrics.

I love this hand-washing guide I found on Twitter (you can find the original here and you can make your own here).  Below it (and in the link) you will find a video of the music that goes with it, Perotin’s Viderunt omnes (and see why I found it amusing; the page turn just adds to it).

Drawing of hand washing technique with lyrics of Perotin's Viderunt omnes (the first two syllables)


And if you find the header image of a hand mysterious, see my post Beware the Guidonian Hand for an explanation.  For more on Perotin, see the 2015 haiku post Christmas 1198.


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  1. Holy cow! So to speak.

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