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99-Cent Box Sets!

Maybe you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and spend hundreds of dollars to buy the Complete Works of Mozart.   Or John Eliot Gardiner’s Complete Bach Cantatas.

Here is a list of box sets of classical music that you can buy at for 99 cents.  These offerings change from time to time, so your results may vary.   For 99 cents you get to download all of the tracks in a particular box set (sometimes well over a hundred tracks!) in mp3 format.

I’ve focused here on the Bach Guild or Vox Box series because you get the most bang for the buck and because of the impeccable quality of the recordings.  But there are other fine series that you can also get for the same low price.  You’ll certainly see them on the Amazon pages.

It’s a great way to get your classical music collection started at a phenomenal price.  And you won’t end up with a 20th century wall of CDs (and, in my case, LPs).  If you’re an Amazon Prime customer already, you can stream some of these, and you won’t even have to download them.

In time you may find you like the interpretation of a given piece by another artist or conductor  preferable, but this is a quick, inexpensive way to get an intoduction to the works of a particular composer–for 99 cents.

I am not associated with Amazon in any way and receive no benefit from purchases.  I just think these are good deals, in particular, for those who don’t subscribe to a streaming service.

By Composer

Big Bach Cantatas Box

Little Big Box Bach Orchestral Music

Little Big Bach Piano Box

Little Big Box Bach Saint Matthew Passion

Big Beethoven Box

Bigger Beethoven Box

Little Big Debussy Box

Big Handel Oratorio Box

Big Haydn Box

Big Haydn Symphonies Box

Little Big Liszt Box

Big Mahler Box

Big Mozart Piano Sonatas Box

Little Big Mozart Serenades and Divertimenti Box

Paganini Violin Spectaculars

Big Purcell Box

Big Schumann Box

Little Big Sibelius Box

Little Big Telemann Box

By Instrument

Big Flute Box

Big Guitar Box

Little Big Oboe Box

Big Piano Concertos Box

Big Ragtime Piano Box

Little Big Trumpet Box

Big Violin Box

Big Violin Concertos Box

Big Winds and Brass Box

By Era

Big Choral Renaissance Box Vol 1

Big Baroque Choral Box Vol 1 (not currently present) and Vol 2

Big Baroque Box

Big Baroque Box Vol 2

Big Baroque Box Vol 3

By Genre

Big Chamber Music Box Vol 1 and Vol 2 and Vol 3

Little Big Overtures Box

By Country

Big English Music Box

Big French Music Box

By conductor

Big Harnoncourt Box