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DIY Dowland Haiku

Build your own John Dowland haiku.  5-syllable lines in plain font, 7-syllable lines in italic.  Have fun!?

Never may my woes

Exiled forever

Learn to condemn light

Woeful wretched wight

I must complain, yet

Poor souls sigh and weep

Weary weeping eyes

Now left and forlorn

Thy tormenting fears

Let me live forlorn

My fortune is thrown

I may cease to mourn

Should I aggrieved then

Pain had governed me

Lights, shine you no more

Light doth shame disclose

Wherein I suffer

Let me living die

What can stay my thoughts

Passions of desire

Image of true death

Sit, sigh, weep, faint, die

Help now or never

Turns mine eyes to floods

Can no loss repair

Still on sorrow feed

Of all joys deprivéd

Come, O Sleep, come

Flow my tears, fall from your springs

Down vain lights, shine you no more

Be relieved, pity is fled

Tears, sighs, groans, my weary days

In deadly pain and mis’ry

Fear, grief, pain for my deserts

Are my hopes since hope is gone

Shall I straight yield to despair

Love lives not when hope is gone

No night is dark enough for

As a wretch by fate forlorn

Who giveth all hath nothing

Now, o, now I needs must part

Joy once fled cannot return

Absence can no joy impart

Love divided loveth none

Gone are all my joys at once

I loved thee and thee alone

In whose love I joyéd once

Never shall affection die

Die I do to part with you

Love and I shall die together

Sad despair doth drive me hence